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  • "Difficult Roads Often Lead to Beautiful Destinations"

    About Raquel Dominguez

    One of life’s most significant challenges is navigating through it without encountering any turbulence. As the captain of an airplane, they prepare a flight plan without the anticipation of turbulence, sudden weather changes, or any emergencies that may arise. However, the journey tends to be complex and unpredictable. You begin to feel stretched thin, pulled in different directions, making you feel physically and emotionally drained.

    Time management seems impossible, and you do not have time or energy to focus on yourself. I understand the importance of balancing school, career, relationships, and personal growth of life changes. My approach to therapy involves evidence-based interventions to create a fulfilling life in line with your cultural values.

    A little about me personally, I was born in Nicaragua. My first language is Spanish. I learned English when I moved to the United States at the age of four. I was raised in New Orleans, LA. I fell in love with aviation because my dad worked for American Airlines at the time. Later my favorite movie of all time released-Top Gun. Yes, Maverick and Goose!
    When I graduated from High School, I attempted flight school in Tulsa, OK. Although it didn’t work out, my love for airplanes continues!

    My husband and I both share the same hobby. We enjoy triathlons!
    I completed my undergraduate and master’s at Tulane University. After Hurricane Katrina, I moved to Texas to start over. I met my husband and made Texas home for 12 years. Due to his job, we relocated to Colorado Springs in 2018. I have two amazing boys who keep me busy!

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